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Give Abundant Life

Creating a culture of life — ABUNDANT LIFE  — is what we’re all about

You all are familiar with our heartbeat and the reason Choices exists. Our heart’s desire is to be a beacon of hope during a crisis, to deliver compassion and support and ultimately to love life. Many times, our work entails so much more. When a woman or couple comes to us, we don’t just advocate life for their child, we help place them on a path so they can live the
abundant life Christ has called them too. For so many of our clients, Choices is the point where everything changes. 

Our vision to create a culture of life in our city means ensuring women, men and families have the chance to value life, raise children to know Christ and to live abundantly. Reaching one client is a ripple effect that transforms a family and changes generations. 

He came to this earth so that we might have life and have it abundantly. What better gift to give this Christmas season than helping a woman, child, man or family find abundant life as well. 

How do we create a culture of life?

It all starts with education. By sharing our message of life throughout the community, specifically to college students, we have the opportunity to impact hearts, minds and worldviews. Believing all life has value transcends just how someone looks at an unplanned pregnancy, but how they view themselves.

It takes more than just changing minds, it’s about loving people well. We offer our clients real support by sharing the truth about all of their options and letting them know they are not alone. They need to know people will rally behind them and their families not just now, but for the long haul.

It’s so easy to rack up good looking numbers but creating a culture of life means doing more. Empowering women and men means that no matter whom they are or what decisions they have made, God has an abundant life planned for them that can be theirs.

This is what your gift offers others – a chance to thrive.

Join us today and give the gift of abundant life! 

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